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Discover Giovanna

Discover Giovanna

I can give you the
Italy that exists in
your dreams,
because I actually
know where to find it once you’re there.

Benvenuti! And welcome to my Italy.

I’m Giovanna Chiti - the Italian travel expert dedicated to opening the real doors to my country, so that you may have a truly authentic experience…and fall in love with Italy as your own.

I’ve been obsessed with Italian travel ever since I was a girl growing up in Milan where I remember my favorite book was a travel guide filled with fascinating maps, pictures & itineraries.

That book ultimately became a calling and now I arrange remarkable journeys throughout Italy.

My 30-year travel career began as a specialist with TWA and then a co-founder of Caravella Italia, a tour operator that focused on small, upscale group travel to Italy.

Seeking to deliver more personalized service though, I wanted to find a way to marry my deep knowledge of Italy with the unique needs, interests and budgets of my clients.

The pairing of my native expertise and past experience in personal travel consulting inspired the creation of Discover my Italy in 2010.

In every corner of my Italy, I’ve sought out the beauty and the pleasures of its landscapes, cities, villages and people.

Many of these are famous or popular, but many others remain undiscovered or rarely experienced.

I know them all well though, and I’m eager to share my knowledge with you.

I invite you to contact me and let me demonstrate why Discover my Italy is like no other travel service.

With Discover my Italy you’ll get to experience an Italy that exceeds all your expectations, because it will be planned with a native’s insights and an insider’s connections.


P.S. On a more personal note, I am the proud mother of three boys. My happiest moments are those spent sharing my love for Italy with my sons. Each summer we spend time together in the Marche region on the Adriatic Sea. I travel extensively with them, so they too can experience the beauty of my country.


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